About Us


JobPreScreen.com is brought to you by a small team of professionals dedicated to helping job seekers secure the best employment and aiding recruiters and hiring managers focus their energies on the best candidates who apply for the positions they have posted.

  • Job Seekers get the benefit of an evaluation of their resume in context of a specific job description, including feeback and suggestions for improvement along with a draft cover letter they can edit and submit with their resume to improve their odds of being selected for an interview.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers get the benefit of a draft phone screen script for a given job description and saving time and improving on their initial review of applicants along with feedback and suggestions that they can provide to their applicants and to their client in a candidate profile.

Board of Advisors

Combined, we have multiple decades in the world of software development and have eagerly embraced generative AI in a practical approach to benefit everyone in the job market. Our board of advisors include experts in the recruiting and staffing fields as well as hiring managers who understand the benefits that our approach can bring to the table. They are clear eyed about the potential of AI to assist them in their work. Our approach is not one of lofty-minded replacement of human processes using AI but practical aids in performing the work that humans do best.

Brought ot you by Ioka LLC

JobPreScreen.com is owned and developed by Ioka LLC, a scrapy startup in the technology and AI space. The Ioka LLC founder is Tyler Jensen. He welcomes you to connect with him and provide your feedback and ideas directly.