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Navigating Unpleasant Waters: How to Positively Harness Job Search Feedback
Receiving job search feedback can be challenging, but invaluable to our career development journey. Despite our best efforts, sometimes the feedback we receive rubs us the wrong way. It creates an unpleasant emotion that may overshadow our perception and ability to positively harness that feedback. While negative feedback can feel like a blow to our self-esteem, transforming it into a tool for personal growth and enhancement of future job searches can foster professional development. In this post, let's delve into how to manage, understand, and effectively utilize job search feedback that you might disagree with or dislike.
The Art of Constructive Rejection in Recruitment: AI-Driven Feedback
As a recruiter, how can I provide constructive feedback to applicants? -- Rejection is an inevitable part of the recruitment process. However, it's the way this rejection is conveyed that can make a significant difference to a candidate's future endeavors and their perception of your company. With, recruiters can easily incorporate constructive feedback into rejection, offering valuable insights to candidates and enhancing the company's image. Here's a deep dive into the art of constructive rejection and how can play a role in it.