Job Seeker

For individual job seekers. You get your resume evaluated for a specific job description. In the evaluation, you will receive feedback and suggestions based on your experience, potential, hard skills, soft skills, cultural fit, and red flags. You will also get a draft cover letter for the job in question. If you buy the 30 credits package, you will be able to run your resume against up to 30 job descriptions as you continue your job search. You can use those credits any time and you can come back and review your results any time.

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Job Seeker PreScreen Evaluations (10 count)

Ten resume/job description evaluations.

Job Seeker PreScreen Evaluations (30 count) a 20% Discount

30 Job Seeker Evaluation Credits

Job Seeker PreScreen Evaluations (80 count) a 30% Discount

80 Job Seeker Evaluation Credits