A Guide for Recruiters

Getting Started

As a recruiter, you can use JobPreScreen.com in a few easy steps.

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  1. Register your account, validate your email (be sure to check your spam folder), and login.
  2. Go to the Dashboard. (You will see the link at the top of the page once you are logged in.)
  3. If you have remaining Recruiter Job credits, click the Use button to upload a job and get a phone screen script.
  4. Now that you have created a job, click on that job and upload a batch of resumes. 

That's it. It's that easy.

What You Get as a Recruiter

If you use the recruiter features at JobPreScreen.com, you get the following advantages.

  • Upload a job description and get a draft phone screen script with ten questions and their ideal and average expected answers. You can use this to draft your own carefully crafted phone screen to use when you engage with candidates for the first time.
  • Upload a zip file with a batch of resumes for a given job description that you have already uploaded and in addition to the full evaluation of each resume against the job description that a job seeker might get (shown on the home page), you get the following:
    • A detailed aggregate list of scores for each applicant that you can use with whatever weight you prioritize to sort candidates for in-depth review.
    • Additional metrics for each applicant including total number of jobs, average number of months in each job, total number of jobs with a similar job title, and the average number of months in each job with a similar title.
    • A link to drill down into the results of a specific applicant to see the details of the evaluation and suggestions, allowing you to use this information to provide feedback to the applicant or enhance a candiate profile for a hiring manager.
  • Upload additional batches of resumes as they come in and see an updated report of all applicants and their evaluation result.

Try It for Free!

You can try it for free just for registering your account. Extend your trial for a very low price by purchasing a 10 pack of job evaluations for only $9.95 and a 40 pack of resume evaluations for only $39.95


More Reasons to Consider

The process of matching job seekers to their ideal roles can be very time consuming. With hundreds of resumes pouring in every day, you need a way to reduce the time it takes to do that initial applicant screening in order to focus your time and attention on the more likely candidates. That's where JobPreSceen.com comes in.

Here's why we believe the insights derived from our system are highly valuable to you as a recruiter:

Volume and Efficiency

The sheer number of resumes that you have to sift through can be overwhelming. Manual evaluations are not only time-consuming but also prone to human biases and errors. An LLM driven system can rapidly evaluate numerous resumes against a specific job description, making the process highly efficient. This allows for more focused attention on the most promising candidates.

Objectivity and Consistency

Humans, no matter how well trained or experienced, can sometimes make judgments based on unconscious biases or can be influenced by the order in which they view applications. Our generative AI driven system provides a consistent framework of evaluation, reducing the chances of bias and ensuring that all candidates are assessed on the same criteria.

Highlighting Unseen Potential

The LLM's advanced algorithms can identify connections and parallels that might be missed by human eyes. For instance, a certain experience or skillset on a resume might be highly relevant to a job description, even if not explicitly mentioned. These subtle insights can unearth potential gems in the recruitment process.

Not Keyword Matching

In our AI driven system, we don’t simply match keywords; the LLM utilizes the context of the job description and the resume in their entirety. Its capability to analyze the broader narrative of a resume in relation to a job description provides a deeper and more holistic match, offering insights that go beyond mere skills and experience.

Complementing Human Judgment

One of the main values of JobPreSceen.com insights is that they serve as a guide, not a replacement, for human judgment. It's about augmenting the decision-making process. Even if the model isn't 100% accurate, the insights provided can act as a sounding board for recruiters and job seekers, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Scalability and Customization

Unlike rigid systems, the JobPreSceen interactions with the LLM mode is tailored to cater to specifics that are not always evident in casual use of ChatGPT. This customization, combined with the ability to handle large volumes, ensures that the insights derived are both relevant and scalable.

Give it a try. We think you'll love it!